Top Secret Recipe To Halt Aging In Its Tracks

6 min readOct 15, 2021


This is a recipe I personally came up with and it never fails. This recipe is only for the skin. I cant promise you that using it will turn your body to its younger self. I can say that I have used this personally and for me it works. It does wonders for the skin. Specifically laugh lines, eleven lines near the brows, neck and overall face tightening.

Why you sharing this with everyone and not trying to make money from it?

This is an all natural recipe. Something that I feel like everyone should have access to and to alter it to meet their needs. Besides there is something quite personal about heading to the garden and plucking flowers that's pretty amazing.

This article was written to inspire others to go out and create something that works for you and your skin. Be sure to try any mixture on the back of your hand in the same manner you would be applying to your face. If you intend to apply a thin layer to your face and let it dry. Before you try that on your face, apply a thin layer to the back of your hand and let it dry or whatever method you plan on using in the end. This will show you how well your skin tolerates what you have put on it. You never want to put anything not approved by a doctor over broken skin. Keep any solution away from your eyes unless you know exactly what you are doing.

That being said, there are tons of compounds in nature that your skin would be happy to get a good work over with. I have a number of skin recipes that do very different things. Some are great exfoliators, others dry out the skin and reduce redness, and a few of them are amazing at anti-aging.

How does it stack up to big brands at department stores?

I have tried a number of anti-aging products from Este lauder to Lancôme and everything in between. There are some really great products out there, but none quite as satisfying as homemade. Knowing that you did the testing and mixing really does make the experience more wholesome.

I have shared a few of my recipes with a few men and women. The results were two thumbs up. The great thing also is that you get to decide how fragrant or not fragrant you want it to be. Men will love that its not so smelly.

Its up to you to decide if you want to share your recipe with others or not. We have a large garden. It supplies all of my ingredients.

One last thing, you will need to use either a mortar and pestle or some type of device to mix and mash the ingredients. We use a small blender that we got for really cheap. Anything that can really get in there and mix things up down to the smallest pieces is the best. Just be sure to follow the manufacturers directions so that you don't get cut, smashed or hurt.

Has anyone else been impressed by this recipe?

You betcha. Everyone that has tried it has absolutely fallen in love with it. One mother said that she likes to keep her mixture in the fridge so she can extend its useful life. Most have said they use it right after a nice hot shower when the pores are nice and open. That's when I like to use them as well.

The only complaint I have gotten has been that no one has time to get out to the garden to find and mix things. Many wanted me to make them another container. Something I am working toward.

What's the recipe then?

ONE: The recipe begins with a quarte cup of green tea leaves dried. Starting with the dried tea leaves gives you a good idea of how much room you have left over in your blender.

TWO: The second ingredient is not quite as easy to obtain, but if you have your own garden its easy peasy. The second ingredient is the immature cucumber flower. You will find these at the ends of the actual cucumber. Just after you see the baby cucumber start to come out. Its important to know that we aren't using the little cucumber. Only the flowers at the end. I like to get a third of a cup and put them into the blender.

THREE: The third ingredient is two complete flowers *only petals* of the white trumpet lily. These are very fragrant and quite large. If its too much for you or those that you intend to share it with, you can cut this down to one.

FOUR: Add Extra Virgin Olive Oil one teaspoon at a time. I like to mix this to a buttery smooth consistency. If you are having trouble getting the right consistency you might need to allow it to rest or add a bit more olive oil. Please let me know if you have any questions about making your own.

FIVE: Place four drops of water in this mixture just before you turn on the blender. This step is important. While you are mixing, try to sing a happy song or something that feels good to say. This can have an impact on your final product. The reason I do this is because whether you realize it or not, water has a memory of its own. Recently a study was done where a glass of water was placed in a room and for a certain amount of time people would send negative vibes to the water and then it was frozen and looked at under a microscope. What they found was that the water formed crystals that weren't very pretty and had strange shapes. Then they took a glass of water and had people send love and happy thoughts to it. In the end this water had ice crystals that were beautiful and symmetrical. Which shows that things are listening and feeling your vibrations. So always put love into the mix no matter what you are doing.

Anything else I should know before I make my own?

Sometimes it might be a good idea to stop the blender and start it again if you have a hard time getting it to break down to smaller bits. You might also need to keep the blender going for more than a minute or two to get to the desired consistency. With larger bits you will have a much better abrasive action on the skin which helps in cleaning. Whereas smaller pieces in a more smooth mixture will be softer on your skin and more of good stuff will connect with your skin.

What can I do with it again?

You can lather it on and rinse it off. You can place it on your skin and allow it to dry completely. There are a number of options you can decide from. The most important being that you test out any mixture on the back of your hand before you go placing it all over your face or any other part of your body.

Any warnings or safety precautions I should be aware of?

The FDA would like for everyone to know and believe that anything they have not personally tested and deemed as safe be labeled as not intending to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure anything. Especially if they cant make you pay for it. So please know that this recipe isn't intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure anything. Anything you do is at your own risk. I don’t offically know what each compound is or does in these plants. So do your homework and make sure you test anything before you try it. And please do not eat the product you make.

Again, this is one of the recipes I use. I encourage you to try different things. Mother nature has everything our bodies need to thrive and look beautiful. You just have to be willing to get out there and try something different.




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